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Ms. Listernick has an M.P.H. degree in Toxicology and Environmental Health Policy (1985) from the University of Michigan and a B.A. degree in Biology and Environmental Studies (1980) from the University of Vermont.

In 1985, she joined GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. and served as project manager for MCP and EPA Superfund risk assessments.

In 1991, she joined CDM Federal Programs Corporation, a contractor to EPA, DOD, and DOE, and led the risk assessment group in the Boston Region I office. She completed and managed human health and ecological risk assessments at Superfund sites for federal clients. For several of these projects, she presented risk assessment findings and recommendations to the general public.

Since joining OTO in 1996, Ms. Listernick has expanded the company’s risk assessment capabilities. She has completed and managed over one hundred MCP and several Superfund risk characterizations for internal projects and as a subcontractor to other environmental consulting firms. Ms. Listernick is responsible for updating the company’s risk assessment practice to be compliant with new regulations and guidance, and marketing risk assessment services for OTO.


M.P.H. Toxicology and Environmental Health Policy, University of Michigan, 1985

B.A. Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Vermont, 1980

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