The Massachusetts Contingency Plan, or MCP, is the set of regulations that governs the notification, investigation and cleanup of oil and hazardous material releases in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Representative MCP Compliance Projects


Taken together, the MCP and supporting implementation guidance documents fill bookshelves. OTO’s principals have been providing services in this field since the MCP was first established. We assist our clients with:

  • Preparation of Release Notification Forms
  • Method 1, 2 and 3 Risk Characterizations
  • Immediate Response Actions
  • Comprehensive Response Actions, including Remediation
  • Permanent and Temporary Solutions and Activity and Use Limitations (AULs)

On MCP projects, OTO focuses on understanding conditions from our client’s perspective. We then craft a technical approach that respects client needs and also achieves regulatory compliance. We are not in business to sell specific remedial technologies or patented investigation methods. Instead, we incorporate knowledge of those techniques as needed and always remain guided by sound engineering and project management skills.

MCP Compliance addresses the MCP: regulations that govern the notification, investigation and cleanup of oil and hazardous material releases in MA

OTO staff includes five full-time, registered Massachusetts Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs). An LSP is involved with the management of every MCP project. Our in-house ability to complete challenging Method 3 Risk Characterizations means we routinely review MCP projects proposed by others to assess whether less costly cleanup alternatives are available. We enjoy a congenial relationship with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP). This helps us stay well-informed of new regulations and thereby protects our clients throughout a project’s duration.

The originality in our work is not limited to MCP response actions. Many MCP remediation projects take place during the earthwork phase of construction projects. In such cases, we may creatively combine our geotechnical engineering knowledge with our remediation capabilities to produce MCP compliance solutions that are comprehensive and cost-effective.