Many circumstances can cause indoor air quality degradation

Many circumstances can cause indoor air degradation. Among these are inadequate fresh air being drawn into a building, excess moisture in a building’s air supply leading to odors and mold.

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Representative Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene Projects

Indoor Air Quality

When people spend more time inside workplaces and homes, their awareness of indoor environmental quality increases. Sometimes, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is obvious and inhabitants can quickly identify its source. More frequently, however, accurate determination of the nature and extent of IAQ problems requires scientific measurements.

Many circumstances can cause indoor air degradation. Among these are inadequate fresh air being drawn into a building, excess moisture in a building’s air supply as well as prior use of harmful building materials.

The first signs of poor indoor air quality may be obvious, such as noxious odors. Other, subtler signs may include excess dust on indoor surfaces or building inhabitants becoming unusually sleepy in the afternoons.

At OTO, we find that each IAQ problem requires careful consideration of numerous factors: building systems, construction materials, water sources, possible hazardous materials and other site-specific features. After narrowing down potential sources of IAQ problems, we use on-site testing and sample collection to refine our assessment. Analysis of this data usually yields identification of the source. With this understanding, OTO can recommend steps to restore healthier air quality.

Among the services we provide are:

  • Site-specific surveys, including a detailed review of building systems and materials
  • Real-time air testing for IAQ indicator parameters
  • Collection of air samples to identify hazardous materials, including molds and other biological hazards
  • Follow-up laboratory analysis for detailed problem assessment

Each of OTO’s senior IAQ staff brings experience to every project; and each project receives senior staff attention. Our entire IAQ staff is carefully and continually trained in this rapidly evolving field. As in all of our services, we strive to identify problems as efficiently as possible and recommend solutions that are cost-effective for our clients.

Industrial Hygiene

The daily work environment that most people encounter can contain many health hazards. Some of these are obvious but many are hidden. The goal of industrial hygiene is to identify the significant workplace risks and develop systematic control strategies to control or eliminate the risks, whether they
are chemical or physical hazards. When practiced soundly, good industrial hygiene benefits companies as well as employees. It protects the health and well-being of workers and reduces lost work time.

OTO takes an intelligent approach to industrial hygiene, one that is based on our hygienists’ many years of experience working inside manufacturing companies and consulting firms. We have experience with OSHA requirements and we know personally the people responsible for implementing the laws. Our regulatory experience combined with our technical knowledge positions us to provide a high level of service to our clients. Among the specific services we offer are:

  • Indoor air quality assessment programs
  • Personal air sampling programs
  • Noise assessment programs
  • Confined space entry programs
  • Hazard avoidance training programs
  • Workplace surveys assessing compliance and other concerns

OTO’s special combination of knowledge makes us unusually well qualified to understand and solve industrial hygiene problems. We have worked for businesses on the inside, not just as consultants. Therefore, we understand the pressures that affect company decision-making.

In addition to our knowledge, we stock the sampling equipment and air sampling pumps that are typically needed to serve client needs. We also are able to set up customized training programs based on
company specifications.

We are ready to provide assistance for all your industrial hygiene needs. Call us and we will put our skills to work for you.