OTO’s staff has extensive experience managing asbestos projects, as both conventional building assessment and abatement work, as well as in the specialty field of assessing and remediating asbestos in soil.

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Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber found in certain geologic formations. Its outstanding physical properties once made it the building material of choice for insulation, fireproofing and a variety of specialty applications. Its chemical inertness suggested that, from a health perspective, it was completely benign. Thus, the initial news of asbestos’s staggering hazardousness was met with widespread disbelief.

•	Asbestos Management

The safe handling and removal of building materials that contain asbestos is one of OTO’s core specialties. The intelligent understanding and planning of both stabilization and removal projects can make all the difference in maintaining project safety and predictable costs. We also strive to minimize disruption to your business and other indoor activities. OTO designs asbestos projects around your specific needs, never losing sight of public health and safety. Among the services we offer are:

  • Initial qualitative asbestos surveys
  • Detailed quantitative asbestos surveys
  • Pre-demolition asbestos surveys
  • AHERA compliance support for schools
  • Development of abatement plans and specifications
  • Abatement oversight, monitoring and documentation

OTO has long-term relationships with asbestos regulators at OSHA, the Division of Labor and Industry and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. We also have worked with most of the abatement contractors serving Western Massachusetts.

In addition to protecting physical health, we also understand and respect the anxiety that sometimes accompanies asbestos removal projects. We know that worry among workers or other building users can add to the stress of building owners and managers. OTO’s knowledge, credibility and training contribute to greater confidence that appropriate steps are being taken throughout projects to protect public health.