The Winter of 2015

For those of you from out of the New England area, you just can’t imagine how sick and tired we locals are of winter this year! My almost 89 year old dad told me this was without a doubt the snowiest, coldest winter of his life. And for once the worst of the weather has occurred along the coast, particularly in Boston. More typically Boston enjoys a temperate climate, with western and northern New England getting the brunt of winter’s snow and cold, but not this year.

In Boston and surrounding communities snow piles on street corners that are seven+ feet high are commonplace. Driving on smaller streets can be like driving through a snow tunnel. Here are a few typical scenes.

a lot of shovelingThis guy has a lot of shoveling to do – those mounds on the side of the road are buried cars!


where is my carHe’s just hoping to find his car.  Good luck!

fenway under snowEven famed Fenway Park is covered in snow. Pitching practice canceled.

For more details on this record breaking winter weather check this link:

Believe it or not, in comparing recorded annual snow falls this year is still in second place behind 1995-1996 (July 1, 1995 to June 30, 1996).  However, there is only a 5.5 inch difference left and we still have most of another month of winter to go!