The Engineering of Bowling


Some of the OTO crew participated in the Joseph Freedman Company’s seventh annual charitable Bowl-A-Thon on November 10, 2018. This is a fun annual benefit for Camphill Village, held at AMF Lanes in Chicopee, Massachusetts.
Bowling is a great sport for engineers, since it’s a community activity (that gets us away from our labs, offices and job sites), while still letting us try to solve problems (how to knock down more pins than our teammates) using our knowledge of natural science principles such as force, friction, inertia, gravity and centrifugal force.
Some of the things we learned this time around:

  1. Lighter balls are better because they don’t lose momentum and go off-course as quickly as heavier balls.
  2. Aim for the gap right after the lead pin in the triangle for best resultsrightpocket
  3. Centrifugal force (spin) matters but is much easier said than done.index
  4. Nice and easy does it.
  5. Don’t bowl better than the boss….unless you’re bowling for the boss.