Safety Advisory from US Forestry Service

Walking through the woods is a great family activity.  It’s beautiful scenery, wild animals, and it’s inexpensive.  I grew up in a very wooded area where all the neighborhood kids played in the woods.  We hiked, biked, and rode horses on those woodsy trails.  It was a wonderful playground.  The trails went on for miles.  The woods are quiet now as the children have grown and moved away.  My parents still walk those trails with their two dogs and sometimes their grandchildren.   It’s a great way to spend an afternoon.  Like me, when they are in the woods my parents will pick up trash from the trails and then toss it out when they get home.

Today, I received an email from our in-house Certified Safety Professional regarding a safety advisory from the US Forestry Service that was just too important to keep to myself.  The advisory is about “one-pot” methamphetamine manufacturing.  Water bottles and liter soda bottles are being used as “cookers” to produce methamphetamine.  When the drug makers have taken what they want out of these cookers, they just throw them away where ever they are.

While, they may look harmless, these bottles are actually highly toxic and combustible.  Five were found in National forest lands and rural areas over the past weekend.  In addition the forestry services warns about the danger of other harmful objects such as chemicals or syringes that might be in the area.

Although the advisory talks about rural areas, these same conditions may exist in vacant lots and buildings.  In addition, similar looking devices may actually be chemical bombs.  The fire marshal’s office and bomb squad has discovered several of these small bombs in unexpected places like mail boxes.  The plastic containers contain a liquid and some form of metal react chemically to cause an explosion.

So the moral here is that everyone should use extreme caution should you contact any suspicious container.  Do not touch, open or smell the material.  Contact the local authorities for assistance.