Mexican Chocolate Cookie Helps End Homelessness

Looking for a great Holiday gift idea?

In the slow period after lunch, a coworker and I have started trading cookies at work.  I introduced him to my all time favorite cookie; the one that makes me feel like Homer Simpson when he’s thinking about doughnuts.  The Red Barn Coffee Roasters Raspberry Shortbread cookie is that good.  It’s a buttery shortbread cookie filled with the perfect amount of raspberry jam.  Each bite is pure delight.

Earlier this week, Bruce gave me a cookie from a party he and his wife had attended over the weekend and it was fantastic!  Bruce and Maria had shared their cookie, but I had greedily gobbled down mine without a thought for my husband.  It was a Mexican Chocolate Cookie made by the Dancing Deer Baking Company.  This cookie is a real treat.  Each cookie is individually packaged and tied with a bow so that it makes a great simple gift or party favor.  Truly, I was thrilled to receive it.

The clever packaging tells the story of the cookie and it’s not what you’d expect.  Dancing Deer’s Sweet Home Project helps homeless families find jobs and homes of their own by providing funding and support for homeless mothers to finish their education.  It helps parents transform their lives by attaining economic self-sufficiency.

The Sweet Home Project is an alliance between Dancing Deer and One Family, Inc.  Dancing Deer donates 35% of its Sweet Home product line retail revenues to these efforts.  One family is a nonprofit organization created by the Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation which is committed to ending family homelessness and promoting self-sufficiency nationally.

The Mexican Chocolate cookie not only tastes great, its adorable house shape completes the packaging story.  It has a delicious, balanced, chocolate spice flavor that’s not as sweet as American chocolate, so if you are not a big chocolate lover, don’t shy away from this cookie.    The hint of spice is similar to gingerbread but not as strong.  Really, it’s a sublime combination.

If you are looking for inexpensive Holiday gifts -these cookies are perfect for teachers, coworkers, and clients.  I have college age kids, these cookies will help stretch their tight Holiday budgets.