Lemon Wedge VS Name Brand Cleaners

I consider myself blessed; with two really great daughters that are now in their twenties, I’m finding I have two great friends.  My younger daughter does our house cleaning once a week (yes!).  This week she suggested we try using a lemon to clean the master bathtub faucet and shower doors.

This interesting idea came from a blog she found on Pintrest called Broccoli Cupcake – Where Healthy Meets Happy. In her post titled, Spring Cleaning – Natural Cleaning Tips the blogger reported that she cleans her bathroom with nothing more than lemon, vinegar and baking soda. She included step by step instructions in addition to before and after pictures.

Now just for the record, I have tried every grocery and hardware store cleaning product on the market to clean whatever this crud buildup is and this bathroom has resisted all of it!  I used bleaches, cleansers, foams, hard water clears, rust stain removers, oxygen cleaners, and even wool pads, and rubbing compounds.  I had given in to the idea that I would have to demo the tub/shower and install a new one.  I even had our water tested thinking that a water softener would stop this from happening in the future (it turned out we did not have hard water).

By that point I had given up and I am embarrassed to admit for many years I just did not bother trying to get the faucet and shower doors clean.  The chrome faucet was a dull white and the shower doors, once clear glass, were now opaque.

Since I have been using vinegar to wash the ceramic and porcelain floors, glass, mirrors and in the laundry and dishwasher for a number of years (with great results) I thought “why not give a lemon a try?” A few minutes after rubbing the faucet with a lemon wedge, I half halfheartedly used an old tooth brush to scrub the faucet and could not believe my eyes – the faucet began to shine!  That lemon had more cleaning power than all the store cleaners combined!

Thrilled and motivated, next I tackled the shower doors which I can actually see through once again!  The cleaning power in that lemon was astonishing. That little lemon saved me thousands of dollars – no need to remodel now!

Next week we go full force using all three of Broccoli Cupcake’s recommended natural products to clean the bathroom – Vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.  No more harmful fumes and no more white stains.  And when I run out of floor cleaner for my hardwood floors, I’ll give Broccoil Cupcake’s black tea suggestion a try. It’s simple – boil a kettle and add three bags of Stash black tea. Allow to steep and then bust out your mop (or mop cover). Soak in the tea and then wipe down your already swept floors.