A week ago I received an email letting me know that one of my all-time favorite restaurants was closing, the Night Kitchen in Montague, Massachusetts.  To say that Montague is off the beaten track is a gross understatement.  Explaining to the non-native that Montague is about half way between Sunderland and Turner’s Falls usually results in blank stares.

Night Kitchen is located in the lower level an old mill complex that sits on the bank of the Sawmill River.  Upstairs is a used bookstore whose slogan is “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find”. The restaurant is accessed by a wooden stairway right beside the river.  Although my wife likes to remind me that I haven’t always raved about the food (usually I have though – incomparable gnocchi and lamb shanks), the setting is so perfect and the staff so superlative that I will always remember it fondly.

The restaurant was started about ten years ago by Max Brody, who had learned his cooking skills in France.  After I got the sad news last week,  my wife indulged me and we ran up to Montague last Sunday afternoon for a last meal – which was great by any standard.  We were lucky enough to run into Max, his wife and child who were having dinner at the bar.   We expressed our appreciation for all his work and he explained that it was just too hard to have a family and run a restaurant at the same time.  I’m glad we had a chance to say thank you.

The last day for the Night Kitchen is November 3rd.