Month: August 2011

Transforming Connecticut’s Cleanup Program: The Legislative Intent

Under the leadership of Commissioner Daniel Esty, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is continuing its drive to satisfy the legislature’s directive to transform the state’s waste site cleanup laws.   The first phase of this effort is scheduled to culminate with a December 15, 2011 report to the General Assembly.  DEEP has developed […]

Safety Advisory from US Forestry Service

Walking through the woods is a great family activity.  It’s beautiful scenery, wild animals, and it’s inexpensive.  I grew up in a very wooded area where all the neighborhood kids played in the woods.  We hiked, biked, and rode horses on those woodsy trails.  It was a wonderful playground.  The trails went on for miles.  […]

Transforming Connecticut’s Site Cleanup Program (2)

As described in an earlier post, the Connecticut DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) is working to transform its 16 separate site cleanup programs to make the overall system more efficient and productive.  Many of the program problems are due to regulatory inflexibility; and that inflexibility reflects a fear that without close state agency involvement, […]

Quality Assurance 101: Reproducibility

Last week I posted about environmental practitioners  limiting their opinions to the areas in which they have expertise.  From there I went off on a little rant about the importance of consultants providing data to prove their conclusions and predictions.   Today’s little lecture is on the importance of scientific results being reproducible.  Reproducibility is a […]

Connecticut Brownfields Redevelopment

When it comes to Brownfields cleanups, there may be something new in the Land of Steady Habits.  Up until quite recently, Connecticut’s efforts to encourage the cleanup of contaminated properties has been frustrated by three forces: Lack of Predictability – Parties seeking to cleanup contaminated properties are unable to see through to the end of […]