O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun (OTO) is a specialty geoenvironmental engineering firm

OTO Team

“We begin with the end in mind.” O’Reilly, Talbot & Okun (OTO) is a specialty geoenvironmental engineering firm. Started in 1994 by the three original principals on the second floor of Mike Talbot’s house, we now have knowledgeable and experienced staff with offices in Springfield and Westborough, Massachusetts and Storrs, Connecticut.

Our services include:

  • Asbestos consulting;
  • Environmental assessments;
  • Geotechnical engineering;
  • Human health risk assessment;
  • and a number of related practices.

Our work is an approximately equal mix of projects for commercial, institutional and governmental clients from around New England.

Clients often comment that our problem solving approach is distinctive and focused directly on their needs. We think this stems from the quality of OTO’s professionals and staff. We have Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs), Professional Engineers (PEs), Licensed Environmental Professionals (LEPs), and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP). This weighting towards experienced high end professionals means our recommendations and decision making is targeted on client needs.

Each project has a senior professional heading the project team and our senior professionals routinely communicate among themselves about projects, bringing several knowledgeable perspectives to work on each project. No two projects are the same and an additional perspective can often make all the difference. Our staff is diverse, including professionals with engineering, regulatory, science and business backgrounds. This diversity is a major contributor to our problem solving approach. According to our clients, it’s our approach, and their easy access to our senior staff, that sets us apart.

We take pride in our work, and we put the integrity and reputation of the firm behind each project we undertake.

Everyone has budget constraints, so we work to develop cost-effective solutions that do not sacrifice effectiveness, safety or compliance for cost-savings. We are the consultants organizations like to hire when they are spending their own money.  If you’re ready to hear an original approach, please give us a call.