Jim Okun, LSP

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Jim is an environmental toxicologist and Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional with expertise developing risk-based conceptual site models for complex settings. He is particularly effective at cutting through accumulations of BS (Bad Science) to arrive at a more accurate understanding of true environmental conditions.


He has an extensive background with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), their environmental chemistry and human health effects.

3-2012 Comments on USEPA’s Proposed Reinterpretation of the PCB Bulk Product Waste Definition (14 kb)

Jim Okun's 2010 UMass Soils Conference Presentation (3.36 MB)
Jim Okun's 2011 UMass Soils Conference Presentation (3.18 MB)


M.S. in Toxicology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978
B.S. Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1975