Lead Inspection and Management

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Lead is a soft gray metal that has been used throughout history due to its malleability, its weight and its relatively low chemical reactivity.  Only a generation ago it was a common ingredient in paints, gasoline and it was even used as a protective foil over wine bottle corks.  As the health problems associated with lead exposures became better known, a complex network of local, state and federal regulations grew-up that limited and controlled the continued use of lead in most commercial products.

However, it is the continued presence of lead in older residential structures that has been a focal point of considerable recent regulatory activity.

OTO provides a full range of lead consulting services for multi-residential properties, including:

  • Full initial inspections (to meet Massachusetts Department of Health USEPA and HUD requirements);
  • Risk Assessments to aid in evaluating future needs; and
  • Final inspections and letters of compliance to document successful lead abatement projects.


OTO lead inspectors are fully licensed and attend regular training programs to stay up to date on the latest technologies and regulatory changes. Our use of state-of-the-art field investigation tools makes our work more accurate and efficient, allowing us to produce quicker, more accurate and cost-effective reports.