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The Transfer Act and Connecticut Remediation Standards (RSRs) and are regulations that govern the notification, investigation and cleanup of Connecticut properties that have been sold or transferred. The Transfer Act and RSRs pertain to properties with certain history of hazardous waste generation or land use history (dry cleaners, auto body shops for example).

The standard of care for transfer act assessments requires a detailed investigation of the environmental condition of the property. The RSRs impose stringent numerical standards to the site, but also contain various options such as environmental land use restrictions for reducing the amount of remediation required, based on potential exposure to site contaminants. Taken together, the RSRs, Transfer Act, and supporting guidance documents fill bookshelves.

OTO’s professionals have been providing services in this field since the regulations were established. We assist our clients with:

  • Pre-purchase, Pre-sale assessments

  • Preliminary Response Actions

  • Technical Transfer Act Applicability Determinations

  • Environmental Condition Assessment Forms and Transfer Act Forms I through IV

  • Phase I/II/III Assessments, Comprehensive Response Actions,
       including Remediation

  • Risk Characterizations

  • Public Notice of Remediation

  • Preparing environmental land use restrictions, which may reduce the cost to bring
       the Site into compliance with the RSRs.

  • Groundwater Compliance Monitoring

  • LEP Verification and Verification Audit Defense

OTO staff includes three full-time, Licensed Environmental Professionals. An LEP is involved with the management of every Connecticut project. OTO focuses on understanding conditions from our client’s perspective. We then craft a technical approach that respects client needs and also achieves regulatory compliance. We are not in business to sell specific remedial technologies or patented investigation. Instead, we incorporate knowledge of those techniques as needed and always remain guided by sound engineering and project management skills.