Connecticut Cleanup Program

New Jersey DEP Adopts USEPA’s “New” PCE Criteria

What are USEPA’s New PCE Toxicity Values About? It has been a year since the USEPA issued its new toxicological profile for tetrachloroethylene (PCE).  The new profile resulted in the revision of PCE’s toxicity values in EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS).  Despite their obscurity, IRIS toxicity values carry great importance because they are at […]

Decorative Oil Lamps: A Surprising Source of Indoor VOCs

Impacts to indoor air quality from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been receiving greater attention recently due to a growing awareness of vapor intrusion (VI) from underground oil and chemicals.   VI occurs when chemicals spilled on the ground migrate under structures and then volatilize up into indoor air.  After a recent residential basement oil spill […]

Update – Connecticut Remediation Regulations Transformation

Transforming CT’s Cleanup Regs. – Problems and Opportunities There is a consensus among stakeholders working with Connecticut’s environmental cleanup programs that change is needed. The rigid framework of the Remediation Standards Regulations (RSRs) combined with DEEP’s lack-luster support for the LEP program and a reluctance to accept site-specific risk assessment has resulted in bogged down […]

Transforming Connecticut’s Cleanup Program: The Legislative Intent

Under the leadership of Commissioner Daniel Esty, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) is continuing its drive to satisfy the legislature’s directive to transform the state’s waste site cleanup laws.   The first phase of this effort is scheduled to culminate with a December 15, 2011 report to the General Assembly.  DEEP has developed […]

Transforming Connecticut’s Site Cleanup Program (2)

As described in an earlier post, the Connecticut DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection) is working to transform its 16 separate site cleanup programs to make the overall system more efficient and productive.  Many of the program problems are due to regulatory inflexibility; and that inflexibility reflects a fear that without close state agency involvement, […]

Connecticut Brownfields Redevelopment

When it comes to Brownfields cleanups, there may be something new in the Land of Steady Habits.  Up until quite recently, Connecticut’s efforts to encourage the cleanup of contaminated properties has been frustrated by three forces: Lack of Predictability – Parties seeking to cleanup contaminated properties are unable to see through to the end of […]

Transforming Connecticut’s Cleanup Regulations – A New Hope?

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Daniel Esty has begun an ambitious initiative to transform the state’s environmental cleanup programs; in the opinion of many citizens, this initiative is long overdue.  As environmental consultants practicing in Connecticut and neighboring Massachusetts, we see the similarities and the differences between the two state cleanup […]