Month: November 2011

Mistaken Oil Deliveries – Are You at Risk?

Last year, the Farmers’ Almanac predicted that the winter would “exhibit a split personality, with harsh conditions for the eastern half of the U.S., and milder weather to the west.”  That prediction came true as the Northeast and Great Lakes regions were hammered with many heavy snowstorms. I usually look forward to each new season.  […]

Mexican Chocolate Cookie Helps End Homelessness

Looking for a great Holiday gift idea? In the slow period after lunch, a coworker and I have started trading cookies at work.  I introduced him to my all time favorite cookie; the one that makes me feel like Homer Simpson when he’s thinking about doughnuts.  The Red Barn Coffee Roasters Raspberry Shortbread cookie is […]

What a Storm!

For those of us living and working in the Connecticut Valley between central Connecticut and central Massachusetts  the past week has been something out of the Twilight Zone.  Last Saturday afternoon I was sitting at my home computer preparing the write-up of the PCB presentation I made at the UMass Soils Conference.  At about 4 […]