Month: October 2011

Update – Connecticut Remediation Regulations Transformation

Transforming CT’s Cleanup Regs. – Problems and Opportunities There is a consensus among stakeholders working with Connecticut’s environmental cleanup programs that change is needed. The rigid framework of the Remediation Standards Regulations (RSRs) combined with DEEP’s lack-luster support for the LEP program and a reluctance to accept site-specific risk assessment has resulted in bogged down […]

OysterFest 2011

Without question, Wellfleet is my favorite place on earth.  Located on the tip of Cape Cod, It is a friendly town, rich in quaint seaside character.  Since more than half of Wellfleet’s land area is part of the National Seashore, you can expect to find some of the most beautiful beaches on Cape Cod. Even […]

Leaf Peeping in New England

Thinking of “leaf peeping” this weekend but don’t know where to go?  The US Forest Service recently launched its expanded Fall Colors 2011 and the site is jam packed with information about one of nature’s most spectacular seasons.  Within minutes I had all the information I needed to plan a weekend adventure of leaf peeping. The […]

Coplanar (aka “dioxin-like”) PCBs

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are an environmental contaminant in the news  because they have been discovered in schools and other buildings.  PCBs are actually a mixture of many different similar chemicals; there are 209 chemically different chlorinated biphenyls that together make up the PCB chemical group.   If you spend time learning more about PCBs, a […]

MassDEP AUL Audit Requirement Eliminated

Paul Locke, MassDEP’s acting head of the Bureau of Waste Site Cleanup, was the lead speaker at the September 13th Licensed Site Professional Association (LSPA) membership meeting.  In his remarks, Locke repeatedly advised LSPs to be “on the lookout” for upcoming changes in the Department’s programs and structure.  However, he provided scant details about the […]